Frequently Asked Questions


Does My Used Bicycle charge anything to post a listing?

We don’t charge a penny for posting on My Used Bicycle. Why you ask? We want to create a community of bike sellers and buyers and you shouldn’t have to pay for the right to be safe.

How long will my listing be online?

Right now, your listing will be online for 60 days. However this may change due to increases in volume.

How do I know the seller is legit?

We try to take as many precautions as possible to ensure all of the sellers on My Used Bicycle are safe and legit. After using our online chat feature and checking out the user’s ratings, you still feel unsure, then walk away. A good deal is no price for your wellbeing.

Is there a way to pay for the bike online?

Not right now. HOWEVER, we are working on a secure online peer-to-peer payment method. This will allow users to purchase their bike with a credit card or PayPal. Stay tuned!

How many listings can I post?


Why does My Used Bicycle want me to create a profile?

We want buyers and seller to have a face. We say no to anonymous sellers and buyers.

Where can I list my bikes?

Of course, we encourage you to sell and buy all your bikes with us. All we ask in return is that you are an active community member by giving accurate descriptions and providing nice photos. This will help you too!

Can I list multiple bikes from different addresses?

No, we only allow users to list their used bike from their address that they registered when they made their profile. This is to stop any spam or any shady business going on. We want to provide a safe and convenient way of selling and buying used bikes.

How can I contact the seller if I don’t want to call or email them?

You can use the live chat feature. This feature allows buyers and sellers to connect without giving away personal information, such as telephone numbers etc.

Can I delete my account?

We will be sad that you are leaving us, but sure you can delete your account at any time.

Can I delete my listing or mark it as sold?

Yup! If you no longer wish to list your bike or have sold it, just click on manage my listings and delete the listing that you don’t want displayed anymore. As simple as that!

What is a verified user (blue tick)?

Verified users are those users that you can trust. We have verified their telephone number, email and address.

How can I become a verified user (blue tick)?

First you can click on "verify account". We will then email you asking for a copy of your photo ID accompanied by proof of address. You will also need to verify your telephone number. Please email for more details on how to do this.

Where can I send my proof of address?

Right now we only accept emails to But are working on an automated system that allows for automated identification verification.

What if I have a question?

Email us at with the subject “question”.

What if I have an article that I want to publish on My Used Bicycle?

Email your article to with the subject “article”. One of our team will check it out and get back to you. If your article is relevant and fresh content we will post it in our guides section and give you a shout out. Guest authors can also win prizes for outstanding contributions.

I want to work for My Used Bicycle, where can I get more info?

Right now we are only accepting volunteers. Please email with the subject “Volunteer” for more information.